The gaming code of conduct is a public service announcement for gamers. Our goal is to make people aware about creating a safer space for all players in all gaming communities. Whether it is competitive or just casual games, sometimes trolls make the environment unsafe and uncomfortable for other gamers. After years of playing online games we came up with a concept for all gamers. We are designers that created a distinctive simplified website for gamers. The one page layout is designed to be looked at for a short period of time prior to a gamer joining a game. We also made a video section showing examples of players being salty.



Sexism is a huge problem in the gaming community that gamers are not treated as equal. Whether you are male or female you are still a gamer. Gender does not affect game play. For example, you could be a girl and come in first in a game and do so much better then guys vice versa. Sometimes gamers get kicked often from game because of their gender.

Don't Be Salty

Please respect people and don't be salty and ruin the entire game for everyone. Examples of being salty are kicking gamers for no apparent reasons such as gender, sexual orientation, race etc. Kick gamers because they play like shit. Examples of this are hacking, trolling, or throwing and losing purposely. Also, do not talk shit to other players just because you are having a bad day, or want to bring stress out on a game. Have a sense of consideration for all players!



What if I get kicked unfairly?

In Steam, go to the players profile page and click on report player for harassment and explain why you were kicked. It is always a plus having video evidence!

Should I use my mic in all games?

Yes, it is fair for all players to use your microphone in game, do not listen to the trolls just ignore them.

How do I Report another player?

As stated before, go to the players profile page and go to the right arrow and press the report button.

What if someone threatens to dox me on the internet?

Doxing is a major issue on the internet especially with creeps who want to find out your personal information and to find out where you live. This could be very dangerous. You could either report the people who threaten you on Steam or take a screenshot of the players profile and chat logs After that, file a support ticket and don't forget to attach all of the screenshots.